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By placing a bid on the Bidding Ninja website, you agree to the terms and condition of Bidding Ninja. There are strictly NO cancellations allowed once a bid has been placed. If an auction is won, you are legally bound to pay for all costs and fees associated with each auction.

No items will be shipped unless the item has been paid in full. All items purchased through Bidding Ninja remain the property of Bidding Ninja until the user has made full payment.

When an auction has been won, the user has a maximum of 30 days in which to process their order. If the user fails to process an order, Bidding Ninja will contact you to promptly initiate your order. In the case of a user abandoning an order regardless of contact made by Bidding Ninja, we will employ a third party to redeem all unpaid monies. All fees incurred through the use of a third party will be made payable by the user.

4 - FEES
Unlike other companies, we have kept our fees as simple as possible. In most cases, Bidding Ninja will only charge you the cost of the item, international shipping to your door and a fee based on the bid price of each successful item. Inside the fee we charge, we cover the first 1,500yen of Japanese domestic freight to get your item delivered to our workshop. In the case of large or very heavy items (e.g. wheels, bumpers, gearboxes, diffs, etc.) Bidding Ninja will charge the excess freight exceeding the initial 1,500yen. For more information on our fee structure click here.

There aren't any!! We can purchase and ship your item anywhere in the world. Please note that for heavy items such as motors and gearboxes, sea freight may become the only method of shipping as air shipments can be extremely costly. If you have any questions regarding large or heavy items, please contact us prior to placing a bid.

Unlike other companies, we have a large workshop. We can store your items free of charge for up to 30 days so you can purchase others items through our website to ship together. Once the 30 day storage period has lapsed, we will contact you to organize the dispatch of your stored items.

Once your successful purchase/s arrive at the Bidding Ninja factory, we will open and inspect the item/s to ensure that it matches the auction description. Bidding Ninja staff will then repackage your item/s to ensure it will arrive safely at your doorstep. Please note that whilst we will visually inspect your item/s, but we cannot be held responsible for items that require fitting to a vehicle or wiring in order to check for correct operation.

The Bidding Ninja website does not directly sell any items. We are a Yahoo Auction broker service, so we cannot accept returns and do not warrant any of the items purchased through our website. If the item you purchased arrives and is the incorrect part or damaged due to poor handling during shipping, please contact us with your order details and we will assist you in making a claim.

We respect your privacy. All information gathered on the Bidding Ninja website is stored on our secured SSL server and will remain with us in complete confidence. All information stored will never be used for any other purpose other than to assist you in connection with our business.